The brain and depression

Cerebral Cortex and DepressionResearchers now believe the thickness of one’s cerebral cortex may be linked to one’s sense of religion and/or spirituality, as reported in Medical Daily’s article, “Where Is God Located In the Brain? Importance of Religion Is Related To Thickness Of The Cerebral Cortex.” The same team interestingly found, not surprisingly, that those who expressed “a strong interest” in religion not only had thicker cortices over both right and left brain hemispheres, but were 90% less at risk for developing major depression. 

While the researchers are not saying spirituality thickens the cortices, it was also notable that a different study out of University of Missouri found (when researching the brain for signs of spirituality), that “transcendence is associated with decreased right parietal lobe functioning, while other aspects of spiritual functioning are related to increased activity in the frontal lobe.”

The brain and acupuncture

What I love about auricular acupuncture (a microsystem of acupuncture, in which we treat the ear as a homunculus of the body) is how specific we can get. The system has been greatly studied and practiced by the Germans the French in addition to the Chinese. When I read articles like the one I mentioned above, I get excited thinking, “We have a point for that!” And we do:

  • Prefontal Cortex
  • Frontal Cortex
  • Parietal Cortex
  • Temporal Cortex
  • Occipital Cortex

These are all specific acupuncture points we can stimulate on the ear with needles or estim.

Acupuncture and depression

Even though we can treat areas of the brain associated with worry or emotional trauma, like the prefrontal cortex or hippocampus, to the Chinese medicine practitioner, this would be a limited treatment. We consider all factors of disease when coming up with a diagnosis, factors such as: environmental triggers, diet, lifestyle, nutrition, constitution, organ and emotional imbalance.

Feeling concerned about your mental states? Consider adding Chinese medicine to your wellness plan.

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