Treat Root Chakra Imbalance with self-care techniques intended to help you feel grounded, safe, accepted, and stable.

Article on Root Chakra Imbalance

Self-Care Techniques to Treat Root Chakra Imbalance

Author’s Key Points

  • Root chakra concerns may present as concerns about:
    • acceptance
    • belonging
    • law and order
    • rootedness
    • survival (fight/flight/freeze/fawn patterns)
    • will to live
  • How to know if your chakra is imploding, exploding or unchecked by the Heart or Crown
  • Affirmations to address root chakra imbalance
  • Foods, gemstones, and sound healing for root chakra imbalance
  • Reflection points as you start to explore this energy center’s wellbeing

Where to go to explore further?

Rosalyn Bruyere in her book, Wheels of Light, goes into the Root chakra quite extensively, addressing kundalini energy, traditional aspects of the chakra from astrology to animals and dual male/female aspects of the energy center, all the way to initiation in different cultures as related to the Root chakra. For hands-on practice, I recommend a class in energy work or working with a Reiki practitioner or other energy healer.

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