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Kaiser Insurance: What Conditions are Covered for Acupuncture Treatment?

June 7, 2017 0

Photo: Tanja Heffner Kaiser Insurance on Acupuncture You may have seen that Kaiser has taken over Group Health here in Washington. In their June 5, 2017 “Kaiser Permanente Washington Pre-Authorization Requirements” document, they outline the conditions for which they have determined acupuncture treatment medically necessary. Any non-Medicare patient with Kaiser insurance coverage seeking over eight visits […]

Acupressure and Foods to Treat Morning Sickness

January 25, 2017 0

  Self-Care for Morning Sickness Thankfully, Chinese medicine has quite a bit to say about treating nausea. (Did you know it’s so effective, most insurances reimburse for acupuncture treatment of morning sickness and nausea from chemotherapy?) Some of my favorite points to use with moms during pregnancy include: Ren-22 (天突, Celestial Chimney) This point is located at […]

Treating Plantar Fasciosis with Physical Medicine, Acupuncture, and Energy Work

October 28, 2016 0

Plantar Fasciosis: The New ‘Plantar Fasciitis’ Perhaps you’ve heard of plantar fasciitis? Well, doctors have found that it’s not always inflammation (i.e. “-itis”) that causes this heel pain. Overuse and degeneration can lead to poor circulation and tissue death of the plantar fascia. For this reason, the condition is now mostly referred to as “plantar fasciosis.” […]

US Government Finds Acupuncture a Top Treatment for Back Pain Relief

August 26, 2016 0

“A recent landmark report commissioned by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), a division within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), found acupuncture to be at or near the top of every category measuring the effectiveness of a wide range of treatments for low back pain. Especially encouraging was the […]

“Cupping is having its own golden moment”: A Look at its Benefits

August 12, 2016 1

“[Cupping’s] been the secret that I have had through this year that keeps me healthy,” “It’s been better than any money I’ve spent on anything else.” –U.S. gymnast Alexander Naddour, for USA Today Chinese medicine gets its 15 minutes of fame Yup, I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has been seeing the articles coming out […]

Treating Infertility in the Philippines with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

June 17, 2016 0

Retrospective Research on Treating Infertility with Chinese Medicine Article: The Effectiveness of Chinese Medicine in Treating Infertility in the Philippines Author’s Key Points In following up on 572 out of 1653 infertility cases that were reported at St. Francis Natural Health Care (2006-2014), 173 infertility cases were chosen for review from the 370 success cases. Of […]

Daily ‘Baby Aspirin’: FDA now says risks may outweigh benefits

April 8, 2016 0

FDA’s New Position on Daily ‘Baby Aspirin’ Growing up I heard repeatedly the importance of taking a low-dose daily aspirin (i.e. baby aspirin) to prevent heart attack. If you grew up with the same story, the FDA’s 2014 change of position might come as a surprise, if you haven’t already heard it. In their Consumer Update, they […]

Improved quality of life with Chinese Medicine cancer treatment

March 3, 2016 0

A systematic review of nearly 24,000 studies has found that traditional Chinese medicine can benefit cancer patients. Source: Meta-Analysis Reveals TCM’s Benefit To Cancer Patients | Asian Scientist Magazine | Science, Technology and Medicine News Updates From Asia Meta-Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cancer Treatment Practice of traditional Chinese medicine for psycho-behavioral intervention improves quality of life […]

Acupuncture & Herbs for Restless Legs Syndrome

February 3, 2016 0

Acupuncture helps resolve RLS (restless legs syndrome) plus additional side effects include leg pain and insomnia. Source: Acupuncture and Herbs Relieve Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) 2014 Study on Acupuncture and Herbs for Restless Legs Syndrome 眼针与针药结合治疗不安腿综合症21例 (“Eye acupuncture and combined acupuncture and medicine in the treatment of 23 patients with restless legs syndrome“) Key Points […]