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Grounding Meditation

[wproto_divider style="narrow"] Download MP3 Buy Now Grounding Meditation: A Step One of Most All Energy Work The more grounded you are, the more energy you can draw down for replenishment, healing, and manifestation. This near 25-minute guided meditation will assist you in opening your heart, reconnecting with your body and the Earth. [wproto_divider style="narrow"] [wproto_divider style="double-gap"] What does it mean to ground? To feel grounded is to feel present, alive, safe, and supported. This isn't the same kind of safety as control over our environment or what happens to us. It's the kind of resilience and presence that says, "I am…

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White Tara Mantra

White Tara Mantra oṃ tāre tuttāre ture mama āyuḥ-puṇya-jñāna-puṣṭiṃ kuru svāhā For love, compassion, wisdom and protection Download MP3 Buy Now This is a beautiful layered mantra calling on White Tara for her Divine Love, compassion, wisdom and protection. Running seven and a half minutes, this recording covers just over 27 recitations; for the greatest benefit, strive to listen to the piece four times in a row or throughout the day. There is no introduction at the beginning of the track which makes it easy to listen to on a 'repeat one' setting. [wproto_divider style="gap"] Giving back 30% of all…

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