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Acupuncture Holographic Mapping for Treating Body Pain

“Chinese medicine recognizes that the human body functions like a hologram because every microsystem found in different parts of the body contains the information needed to treat the whole body. In fact, studies… suggest that this information is stored in each and every part of the body.” – Steve Phillips, LAc Holographic Mapping in Auricular […]

Chinese Medicine Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Photo: Brooke Cagle What the Studies Show for Treating Menstrual Cramps Moxibustion A 2016 systemic review and meta-analysis (“Moxibustion for Primary Dysmenorrhea at Different Interventional Times”) concluded “moxibustion leads to higher total effective rate [in treating menstrual cramps] and lower level of PGF2α in serum” as compared to nonmoxibustion treatment. While there was no difference in intervention […]

Look who’s talking about COPD and acupuncture in US News!

Photo: Amy Treasure Acupuncture for the Treatment of COPD What an honor for me to be interviewed by sports and health writer, Elaine K. Howley for the US News and World Report! It was a pleasure to be able to share some of Chinese medicine’s strengths in treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in, “Can Acupuncture Help with COPD?” (published […]

How Reiki for Situations Can Be More Helpful Than a Psychic Reading

Photo: Dawid Zawiła The Benefits of a Psychic Reading Getting a helpful psychic reading can feel reassuring, easing, or empowering. There is nothing better than hearing you’re on the right track, or that things will be smooth-going ahead. Certainly learning of potential pitfalls can be empowering as it enables you to plan ahead and make appropriate adjustments and […]

Kaiser Insurance: What Conditions are Covered for Acupuncture Treatment?

Photo: Tanja Heffner Kaiser Insurance on Acupuncture You may have seen that Kaiser has taken over Group Health here in Washington. In their June 5, 2017 “Kaiser Permanente Washington Pre-Authorization Requirements” document, they outline the conditions for which they have determined acupuncture treatment medically necessary. Any non-Medicare patient with Kaiser insurance coverage seeking over eight visits […]

New in the Office: Michelle Schrader Photography Canvas Art and 5×5 Prints

“Most people have a positive response to something – whether it’s music, painting, poetry, trees, animals, the sea, mountains or whatever. So sometimes it may be necessary to turn your attention deliberately to something you enjoy, something you have a good response to, and that will introduce another element into your experience. A more energetic, […]