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Learn Reiki & Energy Work

What’s class like?

Many Reiki classes are taught over a weekend, or in a day; however students undoubtedly benefit more from practice than simply receiving attunement. For this reason, Melissa’s courses run over a series of weeks and involve both active class-time participation and homework. The classes are designed to be instructional, experiential, and inspirational. To learn more about former students’ experience, read their reviews below.

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Graduates Report

“…a practical systematic way to understand the history, philosophy, and concepts of the Reiki practice. It is an academic and experiential class that allows different learning styles and time for reflection about one’s self.”

“…Melissa is a really great teacher and that by coming from a background of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Buddhism, and Qi Gong, it’s a very fascinating course and you end up learning a lot about yourself and your behavior with others. Reiki is definitely real and that after Melissa helps you to feel your own energy, you get hooked and want to learn more.”

“A practitioner based Reiki I class that’s directed at people you may already be working with. Gives another dimension to healing as it relates to your own practice.”

“…a way to learn more about yourself and the universe around you. It is a way of life, one that is kind, humble, compassionate, and intentional. It is a way of life that opens up possibilities beyond what we think is possible. This can be applied in all areas of life, not just for healing practitioners.”

“…a course to learn about energy work. This course helps an individual become more in tune with themselves so that they are better able to support others in healing themselves.”

“…a well planned course taught by an amazing teacher with weekly exercises and homework to help you progress with the material.”

“We all have energy coursing through us and around us at all times. This class helps you channel that and realize that we can all be vessels for a higher frequency of energy. That energy has the potential to clear energy blockages in ourselves and others that might be causing illness, dis-ease, pain, or emotional blockages. Reiki is a lifestyle that has improved my personal and professional life, helped me stay grounded and calm in the most stressful of situations, and reminded me to be humble and compassionate to myself as well as everyone around me.”

“You don’t have to believe in anything. Rather, the course is experiential. Through exercises you learn to feel energy, and heal with it. The course is not only for those who aim to heal others; it’s also for those who want to heal themselves.”

“…a comprehensive course on energy that covers all aspects to include communication, thoughts and intentions.”