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Prepay Options

Certain services do not require your coming into the office; to speed up processing time for these transactions, you are welcome to pay by credit card online at Square Market (additional 3.0% CC fee applies).

Insurance Coverage


Cigna (thru 12/31/17)
Kaiser (form. Group Health) PPO


First Choice
Kaiser (form. Group Health) HMO



Insurance and Self-Pay

Insurance and Fees for AcupunctureCertain services, such as office visits and acupuncture, are reimbursed by insurance; while Reiki and Chinese herbal visits are typically not reimbursed. For covered services, you have the option to either (1) pay privately or (2) choose insurance billing which may reimburse for a limited number of visits or services.

The office is happy to bill your insurance directly for in-network, reimbursable services. For all out-of-network carriers, Melissa will provide you with a superbill you can send your insurance directly for reimbursement. If you have any questions about what your individual insurance plan covers, feel free to use the insurance verification guide found under “Paperwork.” Flexible payment plans are available for those paying out of pocket.

Fee Schedule

Abbreviated schedule reflected below; full fee schedule is available upon request.

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  • Initial visit, 120 m (sliding scale) – $145/165.00
  • Return visit, 60 m (sliding scale) – $75/95.00
  • “Wednesday Wellness” chakra balancing and complimentary auricular acupuncture (return patients only), 25 m – $45.00
  • Distance Reiki [person], 60 m (sliding scale) – $75/95.00
  • Reiki for a Situation or Event – $55


[toggle title=”Acupuncture”]

Herbal consultation included for teapills only. For granule or raw formulas, please see herbal prescription under “Add-Ons.” Cost will vary based on severity of condition, time spent with practitioner and procedures deemed medically necessary.

  • Initial visit, 120 m – Varies
  • Return visit, 60 m – Varies
  • “Wednesday Wellness” chakra balancing and complimentary auricular acupuncture (return patients only), 25 m – $45.00


[toggle title=”Chinese Herbal Consultation”]

Herbs not included; you may have the prescription filled at your pharmacy of choice.

  • Initial visit, 75 m – $95.00
  • Return visit, 45 m – $65.00


[toggle title=”Add-Ons”]

  • Cupping – $20.00
  • Moxibustion – $15.00
  • Ear seeds – $5.00
  • Herbal prescription for raw herbs/granules – $25.00
  • Comprehensive treatment plan – $25.00



Payment Options

• Cash
• Personal check
• Credit card (Amex, Visa, Discover, Mastercard)
• HSA cards