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Chinese Medicine Relieves Menstrual Cramps

September 5, 2017 0

Photo: Brooke Cagle What the Studies Show for Treating Menstrual Cramps Moxibustion A 2016 systemic review and meta-analysis (“Moxibustion for Primary Dysmenorrhea at Different Interventional Times”) concluded “moxibustion leads to higher total effective rate [in treating menstrual cramps] and lower level of PGF2α in serum” as compared to nonmoxibustion treatment. While there was no difference in intervention […]

What can you do about an irregular period?

January 27, 2017 0

What’s causing your irregular period? If you’ve ever searched online for treatment options to regulate the menses, most sites list few options: hormonal therapy and/or possibly nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication. Well, I’m happy to say, for many women, these are not your only options. A lot of women can regulate an irregular period with seed cycling […]

Return of the Cicadas: A deeper appreciation of an unusual “Chinese herb”

September 28, 2016 0

Each Chinese herb has a story to tell One thing I love about Chinese herbal medicine is its ability to pay attention to the world around us, and notice the nature of things. Fruits that grow in summer tend to be the remedy for hot days. Root vegetables that grow in winter tend to keep our […]

Treating Infertility in the Philippines with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

June 17, 2016 0

Retrospective Research on Treating Infertility with Chinese Medicine Article: The Effectiveness of Chinese Medicine in Treating Infertility in the Philippines Author’s Key Points In following up on 572 out of 1653 infertility cases that were reported at St. Francis Natural Health Care (2006-2014), 173 infertility cases were chosen for review from the 370 success cases. Of […]

Are Chinese herbs safe: A closer look at heavy metals and manufacturing

May 23, 2016 0

 What are the concerns with Chinese herbs? Just as we can have contaminants in our water, such as lead and arsenic, we can also find them in the plants that drink up that water. For this reason ongoing testing is large part of answering the question, “Are Chinese herbs safe?” Unfortunately, the New York’s Department of Health (DoH) recently sent […]

Chinese Dietary Therapy Cookbook – Free Online Resource

May 11, 2016 0

Chinese Dietary Therapy: Self-Care Recipes for Health Acupuncture is pretty magnificent when you think about it — that something we do for 20min to 1h in a day could affect how we feel during all the remaining hours! Like meditation, yoga, taiji, etc – building these small windows of self-care into our day can create profound […]

Study finds eating walnuts makes for healthy sperm

April 8, 2016 0

“Findings demonstrated that walnuts added to a Western-style diet improved sperm vitality, motility, and morphology.” (Source) Study on Walnuts for Healthy Sperm Walnuts Improve Semen Quality in Men Consuming a Western-Style Diet: Randomized Control Dietary Intervention Trial Study Key Points Healthy men aged 21-35 years old were tested to see if eating 75 g (roughly two […]

Turmeric: A natural prozac alternative for depressive disorders?

March 3, 2016 0

2013 Study on Turmeric: A safe and natural Prozac alternative? Efficacy and Safety of Curcumin in Major Depressive Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial Researcher Highlights Adverse effects of antidepressants continue to impel researchers to find safer alternatives In this study, (1) group I received fluoxetine 20 mg/day in the morning (2) group II received curcumin 1000 mg/day (500 […]

Chinese Medicinal Mushrooms Effective Treatment Against HPV

February 4, 2016 0

New research is concluding that medicinal mushrooms and their extracts clear and eradicate Human Papillomavirus (HPV). –Source Article Article on Medicinal Mushroom Treatment of HPV Medicinal Mushrooms Proving to Eradicate Human Papillomavirus Author’s Key Points • By age fifty, according to the CDC, 80% of sexually active women in the US will have had a […]

Warming Foods to Tonify Yang and Dispel Cold

January 6, 2016 1

Warming Foods for Colder Weather and Colder People It’s officially winter!! You know what that means — time to adjust our diet, and lifestyle accordingly. As the bears go into hibernation, we too must turn inward to nourish our inner warmth during this period of ‘yin within yin.’ (Thankfully, our local produce shows us the way!) In […]