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Melissa’s Philosophy on Healing

A Process of Awareness, Acceptance and Choice

“The work we do here together aims to expand your awareness and self-acceptance through dialogue, reflection and practice. Treatments aim to ‘get to the point’ and unveil where you hold blockage. Everything we do is as a springboard for your own insight into your choices and options. As each individual finds and sounds his/her authentic voice, we become a world of true individuals operating from a place of love, connection, and health. I feel proud and very happy to support you in this process!” –Melissa

Healing: A process of self-awareness, acceptance and ease

You are not your experiences. Pain is pain, distress is distress; but these things are not who you are. They comprise merely your experience. At Black Pine Holistic Healing, each circumstance giving rise to these experiences and their latter interpretation are seen as clues, pointing to how we care for ourselves and others; how truthful we are with ourselves and others; and how we choose to co-create ourselves through our interactions with the world.

With skillful listening and effective strategizing, everyone’s needs can be met. Bringing compassion to our selves and others is a critical first step to healing blockages in our bodies and in our relations. When we learn to accept what is, only then can we begin to change. The body-mind being a dynamic communication between our physical bodies, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, we can affect change on a physical level by initiating change on a spiritual level, and vice versa. Each aspect of our person needs equal attention when it comes to receiving holistic care.

Melissa believes the keys to healing include: (1) creating ease in our life by (2) expanding our awareness through active mindfulness; (3) accepting our experience wholeheartedly; and (4) choosing the healthiest conditions for our thriving.