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About the Practice

Mission and Values

Black Pine: A Symbol

In Chinese medicine, black is the color of the Kidneys, root of all life, symbol of Water, mother of Wood. Pine, green year-round, is the exemplary symbol of life flourishing. Together, Japanese Black Pine, a bonsai, reminds us of the beauty that comes from all life well tended. Patience, love, attentiveness, awareness are all in the kindness we must bring to ourselves in healing.


​To help those who seek self-awareness, acceptance and ease, regardless of experience, color, creed or sex.


Envisioning a community comprised of unique individuals co-creatively responding to their experience with joy, love, and compassion, Melissa believes active patient participation is integral to the healing process. She encourages self-empowering education, reflection, and practice in addition to treatment.


Core Values



Laughter brings with it the power of a greater perspective– room to hold the difficult with gentle playfulness.


Curiosity keeps us open to what we don’t know and to what we fear, allowing for insight and transformation.


Compassion heals all wounds, melts all distance, opens all hearts to a place of creative response.


True choice comes from genuine authenticity; lasting change only comes from a willing agent.


Feeling safe allows us to be honest with ourselves about what we truly believe and want for ourselves and our interactions with the world.