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Lightarian Reiki Attunement for Reiki Masters

Lightarian™ Reiki comes through the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation as established in 1997 by Jeannine Marie and Christopher Jelm. The healing is inspired by Ascended Master Buddha; and offers what some consider to be “the most powerful, highest vibrational Reiki healing energies available,” beyond those of Usui- and Karuna®-based practices.[wproto_divider style=”gap”]
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Ascended Master Buddha Lightarian Reiki Attunement


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The Reiki Bands & Lightarian Reiki Attunement

According to the channeled understandings of Jeannine Marie, Usui Reiki is considered the first band of Reiki healing energy. This may be considered the introductory level of practice. As the second band of the Reiki spectrum, Karuna Reiki helps practitioners move into greater vibrational healing. Lightarian Reiki covers remaining bands three (3) through eight (8) of the Reiki spectrum. These are considered to be the most powerful healing energies available from Ascended Master Buddha, according to Marie.

Lightarian Reiki’s 4 Levels of Training

For each level of Lightarian Reiki attunement, the student receives a self-study manual which is to be reviewed before a question and answer session and energetic attunement. This attunement is equally successful when given in person as when given at a distance.

  • Levels I & II
  • Level III
  • Level IV
  • Levels V & VI


Lightarian Reiki attunement requires practitioners already be attuned through the second band of Reiki practice, considered to be Karuna levels I and II. If you are a Usui Reiki practitioner interested to be attuned in Lightarian, you can opt to receive a “Buddhic Boost” attunement in lieu of Karuna training if that is preferred.


For each level of training successfully completed, the student will receive a Master Teacher/Practitioner Certificate from the Lightarian Institute. This certificate allows you to not only practice at this higher vibrational level, but to attune other Reiki Masters to the same level as well.

Request an Attunement

Levels I-4 are currently available through Black Pine Holistic Healing. If you have questions or are interested in receiving a Lightarian Reiki attunement, contact Melissa.