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Reiki healing level one

Course Highlights

• Sensing, sending, channeling energy
• Creating safe space for healing
• 7-chakra energy system
• Reiki healing for self care

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Reiki IA is a 7-week, flipped-classroom* course for individuals ready to recalibrate their life to love. Reiki healing starts with self-care, opening to greater awareness through extrasensory perception, the cultivation of safety through response-ability, and learning to channel unlimited energy into one’s field for the greatest good of all. This course includes a Reiki I attunement.

*A flipped-classroom means lectures are prerecorded and watched at home; class time is dedicated to discussion and practice.


By the end of this course, students should feel:
• confident about their role in the healing process
• safe to explore and step into their abilities
• comfortable channeling Reiki energy for self-treatment


Lecture is prerecorded and watched at home (4:15 total). Classroom time is dedicated to group harvesting through discussion (30m-1h/class) and hands-on practice (1.0h-1.5h/class). Guided audio exercises completed at home complement the lecture and in-class learning (10m-30m/wk).


• Internet access with audio capability
• Attend six (6) out of seven (7) classes
• Pass final exam
• Complete three self-treatments


• The Reiki Paradigm
• Yin/Yang & Hara
• What is Reiki?
• Wholism & Healing
• The Reiki Precepts
• Establishing Safe Space
• Reiki Healing Self Treatment
• History of Reiki
• Troubleshooting


An attunement (known in some lineages as an empowerment or initiation) refers to the transmission of Reiki source energy to a student. Reiki attunements are what facilitate the ability to use and channel this energy in treating one’s self or others. Once initially attuned, students can never lose their ability to access or use this energy. With each subsequent attunement, a student’s ability to channel Reiki becomes both more refined and intensified.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage

Melissa’s lineage comes down through Takata and Iris Ishikuro. For more information, visit About Reiki Lineages.