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Reiki IB: Exploring; Law of Attraction

Course Highlights

• Reiki treatment of others, plants, animals and situations
• Intro to Nonviolent Communication and Law of Attraction
• Ethics/legalities of a Reiki practice


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Reiki IB is a 7-week, flipped-classroom* course for individuals who have completed Reiki IA: Awakening and who are ready to start exploring the possibilities of Reiki. Together we will see how Reiki not only can treat people, but animals, plants and even situations! As Reiki is a type of energy work, this course also addresses the ways in which our thoughts and emotions affect healing, and the power of affirmation and resonance in practice, i.e. Law of Attraction. This course does not include or require an additional Reiki attunement (level one attunement is completed in IA).

*A flipped-classroom means lectures are prerecorded and watched at home; class time is dedicated to discussion and practice.


By the end of this course, students should feel:
 Comfortable channeling Reiki for the healing of other people, animals, plants and situations.
• Confident understanding the role of and working with thoughts and emotions in the healing process
• Knowledgeable about the ethics and laws that apply to treating others with Reiki


Lecture is prerecorded and watched at home (5:19 total). Classroom time is dedicated to group harvesting through discussion (1h/class) and hands-on practice (1h/class). Guided audio exercises and treatments completed at home complement the lecture and in-class learning (roughly 1h/wk).


• Internet access with audio capability
• Attend six (6) out of seven (7) classes
• Pass final exam
• Complete the following treatments: Four (4) hands-on of another person (two supervised in class, two unsupervised and logged); two (2) of a personal situation (one supervised, one unsupervised and logged); and two (2) of a global situation (one supervised, one unsupervised and logged)


• Sacred connection (i.e. Nonviolent Communication)
• Treating friends and family with Reiki
• Working with thought and emotion in healing
• Treating animals, plants, and situations
• Law of Attraction (including working with affirmations)
• Practitioner responsibilities (ethics, laws, etc)

Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage

Melissa’s lineage comes down through Takata and Iris Ishikuro. For more information, visit About Reiki Lineages.

What is the Law of Attraction (LoA)?

The Law of Attraction is a commonly-referenced energy work technique. Some know it also from the popular book, “The Secret” and/or movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” It’s premise would suggest that like attracts like; and, therefore, to bring more of what we want into our life, we have to already be in resonance with it.

Why do you cover it?

Melissa chose to cover this topic in IB because it’s such a commonly-used energy work technique; and she feels it’s important for her students to be familiar with energy work fundamentals. You do not have to ‘believe’ in the Law of Attraction or ‘practice’ it to be a Reiki practitioner.