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Reiki Books & Energy Work Manuals

These are some of Melissa’s favorite titles on the subject of Reiki and energy work; they range from experiential to scientific.  For absolute beginners, she recommends The Reiki Manual and Anatomy of the Spirit. Click on the toggle for more information; click on any of the book covers to search availability and pricing on Amazon.

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Reiki Books

Reiki books: The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui

[wproto_toggles][toggle title=”Reiki Handbook”]Perhaps the closest written material on original teachings. Great for covering the basics as well as specific treatment protocols; however it is not fully clear to me where the author’s commentary ends and the “original” book begins.[/toggle][/wproto_toggles]

Reiki books: The Reiki Manual

[wproto_toggles][toggle title=”Reiki Manual”]Reads like a course workbook, helpful in including questions at the end of chapters to help readers test and absorb information. Straightforward, well laid-out.[/toggle][/wproto_toggles]

Reiki books: The Reiki Sourcebook

[wproto_toggles][toggle title=”Reiki Sourcebook”]Fantastic read for learning the facts about Reiki practice over the years through different lineages. Very thorough, exceptional citing of sources.[/toggle][/wproto_toggles]

Reiki books: Sacred Path of Reiki

[wproto_toggles][toggle title=”Sacred Path of Reiki”]A blend of pagan practice and Reiki; chock full of fantastic exercises! I really appreciate this author’s unique approach to the material, raising the reader’s awareness of Earth energy. Helpful for those who might need more help getting/staying grounded.[/toggle][/wproto_toggles]

Reiki Books: The Reiki Tutor

[wproto_toggles][toggle title=”Complete Reiki Tutor”]A beautiful, full-color work great for those interested in specific protocols for different conditions.[/toggle][/wproto_toggles]

Energy Work Books

The Healer's Manual

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A good survey of the many ways we can work with energy, from sound to light to essences, etc. Quite informative and easy to read.

Energy Work Books: Anatomy of the Spirit

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This work explores each chakra thoughtfully, and includes a helpful overview table so you can see everything at once. Review questions at the end of each section make for a helpful resource in exploring the issues associated with different chakra dysfunction.

Working with Your Chakras

[wproto_toggles][toggle title=”Working with Your Chakras”]I love the playful guided-meditations in this work. She also has helpful tables listing associations for each chakra. A useful resource, especially for auditory learners.[/toggle][/wproto_toggles]

Aura Reading Through All Your Senses

[wproto_toggles][toggle title=”Aura Reading”]A *lot* of exercises and Q&A sections – so if you learn best from hearing about others’ experience, this book could be quite helpful. It’s great to explore energy from so many different angles![/toggle][/wproto_toggles]

hands-of-light[wproto_toggles][toggle title=”Hands of Light”]The most scientific of the lot; being a physicist, Brennan works hard to elucidate the science behind metaphysics. Illustrations are fantastic and for a visual learner, this book might be just the right pick.[/toggle][/wproto_toggles]