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Melissa Dana

Meet Melissa

“I love what I do, because in my experience when you listen closely enough to the body, you can hear what is important to the soul, what is needed, celebrated and mourned. A heart opens in such a loving embrace. Every day I get to help fellow spirits transform in the face of physical and emotional challenge, accept life with grace, and find ease in times of discomfort.

My personal journey into medicine started with my family. My father was a physiatrist, my mother was a nurse, and my two siblings both became Western doctors. I grew up witnessing the overwhelming gratitude of people who found relief and hope in working with my dad–often delivered as a homemade lasagne or plate of cookies. I felt if only I could be of such service, this life would be well worth lived.

Western medicine proved to have few options when it came to caring for my own health concerns, however: Steroids or life-long medication. Frustrated by these seeming limitations, I began searching for a better solution in natural remedies. One day my mother sent me an article about a Chinese herbalist who cured a man from back surgery with the simple prescription of pineapple. I was sold! I decided to study traditional Chinese medicine, and that week took up Chinese as my major. Two years later I headed to China.

These last almost twenty years have been absolutely incredible. When I see how much I have transformed over the years, I know the same is possible for you, too. I feel very excited to share with you the benefits of what I have learned in supporting you on your path of integration and manifestation!”

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Reiki IIA Dates are Up

Students who have completed level one Reiki training can continue learning about the Reiki symbols and auric bodies this November (two seats remaining). Enroll online.

Weighted blanket on its way!

For sensitive beings, the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket can assist in greater relaxation, calm, and ease. Next month, special request this add-on to hands-on Reiki or Wednesday Wellness services!

Patient Testimonials

"In a life-long journey for better health and well-being there are many paths and turns one can take.  Whether you decide your road map to include acupuncture,  herbs, cupping, Thai massage, or energy healing - you will need a trusted and committed guide.   Someone to journey with you and provide crucial feedback on your progress as well as steer you in the right direction.  I feel fortunate to have found Melissa Dana as my healer.  Sure, it helps that she is professionally trained in all of the above modalities, but more importantly she clearly loves what she does and truly cares for her patients. It's important to find the practitioner that is right for you.  If you are looking for someone committed, knowledgeable, present, passionate and smart, try Melissa Dana."

romych M

"I am not sure how to describe my experience with Melissa. She gave me reiki for the first time in my life last spring. I wasn't sure what to expect but I found it to be very powerful, calming and cathartic. Feeling the energy in her hands and our conversation proved to be very eye opening about fears that I hadn't really even acknowledged to myself consciously yet. She made me feel at ease and comfortable, while dealing with sensitive issues. I will definitely return to her for any of my reiki, acupuncture or Chinese medicine needs."

Jennifer M

"I, too, feel very lucky to have Melissa Dana as my healer. She has helped me immensely, physically and emotionally, with acupuncture and herbs and her cheerful, intelligent, intuitive advice.  I feel 1 million times better after I see her...she is extremely helpful, caring, and even funny - I don't know what else anyone could ask for, really."

Shannon L

"Melissa has been an amazing asset to my health and well-being for many years. I saw her as a student practitioner at the ACTCM, and was among the first of her clients to be treated in her present office. I have seen her for a variety of reasons and received treatments from a variety of disciplines. Melissa's intuitive and holistic approach is very comforting, often astounding and always extremely affective. She is not stuck on a rigid approach, and has never hesitated to let me know when she believes an alternative discipline would help or be more affective. I would highly recommend Melissa Dana to anyone. She has a very genuine interest in the health and well-being of her clients (and friends)."

Joe G

"Melissa is an incredibly gifted, talented, and intuitive healer. Not only does she listen to you empathetically (free of judgement), she also figures out what's going on beneath the surface and treats you there. I don't trust a lot of people energetically but I would go to Melissa with any ailment I was experiencing. There's nothing like feeling safe and secure while receiving healing. And she even emails you a follow-up detailing what happened in the session and what to work on as you go out. She helps you take your healing into your own hands and empowers you on your journey."

Jonathan M

"Melissa is a truly wonderful healer.  She made me feel extremely comfortable to open up and share with her, and she really listened to what I was saying during our first session.  Then she addressed the issues I brought up both by using acupuncture and prescribing an herbal remedy that showed positive results.  The following session was equally as rewarding and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in balancing their lives physically and emotionally.  On a side note, Chinese medicine is simply fascinating and it is clear that Melissa knows her craft very well.  Really, the whole treatment is just an all around great experience!"

Alice C

"In this age of quick-fix medicine and being charged $300 for a 5 minute appointment with a specialist, I found it very reassuring to learn that Melissa took extra time during our first session together to do a very thorough intake of my medical history, current symptoms and living habits, in addition to performing a very thorough physical intake. I have been to a number of acupuncturists over the years and none of them have been as caring and thoughtful in their diagnosis of my imbalances as Melissa is. .... I have referred many friends to Melissa over the last year and will continue  to do so! I believe anyone who is looking for respectful, knowledgeable, gentle yet very thorough care will leave Melissa's TCM practice feeling very fulfilled and on a path to wellness."

Hanniharps S

"I've been treated by several acupuncturists in NYC and Melissa is by far the most intelligent, caring and effective.  I  saw her for about a month on a weekly basis and always felt like I was in good hands.  She is passionate about her work and really cares about who she's treating.  For instance, at our first appointment  I mentioned wanting to learn more about acupuncture and my conditions.  She recommended several books to read and sent me an email that same day with the titles. She also has a really good balance between being spiritual, but not hippy dippie (which isn't my style) and has a solid understanding of Western medicine.  This was very important to me since I'm taking medication and I wanted to be treated by an acupuncturist who understood this as well.  Most importantly, whatever she had focused on that particular week always improved.  Now that I know what a good acupuncturist is I don't every want to go back anywhere else."


"I also had the joy of experiencing Reiki for the first time with Melissa. I knew little about it and was admittedly skeptical about energy work, but opened to the idea as Melissa sensed a block in an area I'd felt for a long time, but never knew of ways of addressing. .... The things she picked up on and communicated were so spot on, it was a little unnerving at first. Her intuition is stronger than anyone else I've met, but as I opened up to the experience I felt my mind and body shedding baggage I've carried since childhood. It was a distinct emotional release that immediately yielded physical releases as well in my back and abdomen. I left the midday session to return to a stressful day, but did so with a feeling I never thought possible for me as a Type-A over-analyzer: inner calm despite the things spinning around me. It's a breakthrough that several years of yoga and recent meditation practice hadn't opened for me. Yet one session of Reiki with Melissa was all it took!"

Jaime P

"I went to see Melissa for acupuncture and Chinese herbs in San Francisco for several months during the last year. Being new to the whole acupuncture game and at an all-time low, I was amazed and astounded at the incredible healing I experienced during that time--for the first time ever, I felt better...not just normal, but downright good! And all without the crazy medications I'd been on before! I know I am still benefitting from my treatment with Melissa, and that I'll return to acupuncture again when I need a boost. And, I'm so happy to have had my introduction to this type of healing from such a sensitive and wonderful practitioner."

Sara L

"Melissa was recommended to me from one of her colleagues. Over the next few months, Melissa worked with me providing an arsenal of tools to tackle my issues and a safe space to heal. My healing took place both physically (from back injuries) and emotionally (losing my brother). She brings a direct but gentle approach that empowered me to make the changes I needed to live a better life. If you are ready to take the steps to make positive changes in your life, Melissa will help you get to where you want to be."

Linda S

"Melissa is a rare and precious gift to the world. She combines a wealth of knowledge and experience with kindness, sensitivity, and uncanny intuition. Over the years, I have gained complete confidence in her and feel blessed to be her client. It has been truly amazing to experience the power and effectiveness of Reiki in my own healing and empowerment process. What she offers through her Reiki cannot be imagined, or described in words. It can only be experienced!"